However, a closer look at ocean protection here in the UK’s waters, on our Government’s doorstep, reveals an alarming picture totally at odds with the rhetoric our Government uses to speak about ocean protection. To receive the magazine, become a member now. But when one of our vessels, the Arctic Sunrise, visited the Dogger Bank on a research trip back in June 2020, we were shocked to discover just how extensive bottom trawling was in … Greenpeace places boulders in Dogger Bank to halt destructive fishing. Bottom trawling activity has increased in the Dogger Bank in recent years. } else if (arguments.length === 2) { Greenpeace said the boulders were being spaced at precise intervals inside the Dogger Bank protected marine area and wouldn't harm the seabed. var myEvent = new CustomEvent("SpectorWebGLCanvasAvailableEvent"); Antes de emprender esta acción, los activistas se pusieron en contacto como el capitán del barco arrastrero y le demandaron que abandonara la Reserva Marina del Dogger Bank. } if (typeof OffscreenCanvas !== 'undefined') { 11 von 19 Grundschleppnetzfischern, die im Juni 2020 beim Fischfang in der Dogger-Bank beobachtet wurden, verstießen gegen britisches und internationales Seerecht. window.__SPECTOR_Canvases = []; Dogger Bank has marine protected status, which is supposed to conserve fish stocks, allowing them to recover from over-fishing. We made sure that what we were doing was safe for all other mariners by immediately informing all the relevant authorities of the precise locations of each boulder. Greenpeace said that it has found 11 large fishing vessels operating in the Dogger Bank marine protected area with their automatic identification system switched off. The Ecologist is the world’s leading environmental affairs platform. This is not intended to protect the seabed. Any bottom trawler that attempts to fish around our boulders risks snagging its gear, and damaging it. Greenpeace announced that activists have begun building an underwater barrier to prevent bottom trawling in the Dogger Bank area of the North Sea. HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext = __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext; Take a look inside the latest issue of Oceanographic Magazine. Greenpeace said the inert boulders, which they were spacing at precise intervals inside the Dogger Bank protected area, would not have a significant impact on the seabed but would stop destructive bottom trawling. Environmental campaigners have begun dropping granite boulders into a protected area of the North Sea to stop destructive fishing. Their mission? But Greenpeace said that bottom trawling is continuing, destroying the seabed and wiping out sea creatures which are a vital part of the marine food-chain. The move closes 50 square miles of Dogger Bank from bottom trawling and Greenpeace says it will continue to place boulders on the seabed until the UK Government properly protects the marine reserve. if (arguments.length === 1) { 30. september 2020 19:25 Oppdatert 30. september 2020 19:25 Av Nils Torsvik i Bergen. Greenpeace said the inert boulders, which they were spacing at precise intervals inside the Dogger Bank protected area, would not have a significant … But it’s also full of destructive fishing. Greenpeace activists have informed the relevant marine authorities to ensure navigational safety for mariners in the area. Greenpeace said it had commissioned an independent scientific agency, BioLaGu, to conduct an environmental impact assessment that concluded placing the boulders would not have a significant impact on the protected feature of the Dogger Bank. Of particular concern to both Banner and Greenpeace is the widespread illegal fishing activity taking place around the North Sea in the Dogger Bank MPA. Industrial overfishing, along with the climate emergency, deep sea mining and various other threats have pushed our oceans into crisis. They also conveniently forget to mention or address the illegal and destructive activity of so many of their vessels in the Dogger Bank. The environmental campaign group vowed to continue dropping granite boulders into Dogger Bank, one of the North Sea’s most productive fishing grounds. } När Greenpeace hävdar att det är skadligt, exempelvis när det gäller fisket på Dogger bank, så ljuger de. Greenpeace is committed to properly protecting the Dogger Bank, and will continue to expand the new area off limits to bottom trawling until the UK Government properly protects the Dogger Bank. var captureOffScreen = false; HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext = function () { // Notify the page a canvas is available. (function() { } To stop a nuclear bomb. Our Government won’t act, and we can’t sit idly by while they allow supposedly protected parts of our oceans to be destroyed. if (contextNames.indexOf(arguments[0]) !== -1) { Find out all the things that people can do to help the planet. return context; The Greenpeace ship, the Esperanza, is in the Dogger Bank, the North Sea. In September 2020, we returned to the Dogger Bank with our largest vessel, the Esperanza, and more than 30 tonnes of granite to deploy our first set of boulders into our new bottom trawler exclusion zone. 8. Supertrawlers, vast floating fish factories, spend thousands of hours each year fishing in these supposedly protected areas with no regulation or monitoring. Created with sketchtool. They’ve destroyed their livelihoods, and we are so happy to be able to help our local fishing communities by protecting part of the Dogger Bank. It is ridiculous that Greenpeace is being forced to take action to protect UK MPAs from destructive fishing. We built an underwater boulder barrier, ensuring that 47 square miles of the Dogger Bank will be off limits to destructive bottom trawling. They’ve seen first-hand the damage industrial bottom trawlers have done to the North Sea. We will continue to protect our oceans however we can, until our government steps up and delivers the protection our oceans need. var __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext = HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext; We deployed a second set of boulders, collected from Hamburg in Germany, before heading to London to load a final two boulders, sculpted into full stops by Turner Prize nominated artist Fiona Banner. return context; Find out about our mission, and our team, here. var contextNames = ["webgl", "experimental-webgl", "webgl2", "experimental-webgl2"]; Our departure is now just two months away, but still we have had no credible commitments. For several years, Greenpeace has been campaigning for a new Global Ocean Treaty to replace our broken system of global ocean governance. See what we stand for Our History & Successes In 1971, our founders set sail to an island in the Arctic. The Dogger Bank’s seabed is one of the North Sea’s most important habitats. } Our aim is to educate and inform as many people as possible about the wonders of nature, the crisis we face and the best solutions and methods in managing that crisis. Dangerous, illegal and irresponsible – that’s how UK fishing organisations have described the actions of Greenpeace in the North Sea after campaigners dumped giant boulders in the Dogger Bank. This article is based on a press release from Greenpeace. Our government has utterly failed to protect the Dogger Bank. Esperanza in the Dogger Bank - GP1SUCIP The Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, is seen in the Dogger Bank area of the North Sea. We commissioned an independent scientific agency to conduct a full Environmental Impact Assessment for our activity. Greenpeace protest against the Helen Mary in … Your first name. Greenpeace said that it has found 11 large fishing vessels operating in the Dogger Bank marine protected area with their automatic identification … // Ensures canvas is in the dom to capture the one we are currently tracking. context.canvas.setAttribute("__spector_context_type", arguments[0]); Turning off satellite tracking systems for all vessels over a certain size is illegal. On … var captureOnLoad = false; return context; The 50-square mile Dogger Bank area was designated a Special Area of Conservation in 2017 - but environmental campaigners Greenpeace have accused Boris Johnson of … A third sculpted boulder was placed on the doorstep of DEFRA at the same time, to send a message to the Environment Secretary George Eustice that he couldn’t ignore. Hamburg/Nordsee, 12. Esperanza in the Dogger Bank - GP1SUCIP The Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, is seen in the Dogger Bank area of the North Sea. None of this a surprise when you learn about the destructive practices that our government still allows in our MPAs. Almost all of them, especially those in offshore waters, lack any site condition monitoring to assess their progress towards conservation targets, and only five out of the UK’s 73 offshore protected areas ‘might be’ progressing towards their conservation targets. context = this.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext(arguments[0]); Greenpeace investigators also discovered widespread illegal fishing activity in the protected area. Granite boulders were dropped at select locations covering 50 square miles Greenpeace may not have all the answers but at least it is trying to do the right thing. News People Greenpeace vows to carry on dropping boulders on Dogger Bank despite warnings Greenpeace has vowed to continue dropping boulders onto … } Doggerbank/ Nordsee, 22. captureOnLoad = false; Our vision of global ocean protection has gained support from around the world, with many governments and scientists backing the target. window.__SPECTOR_Canvases.push(this); The Dutch fishermen’s organisation, VisNed has filed a formal complaint against Greenpeace for willfully endangering fishermen. After witnessing systematic and illegal “dark” bottom trawling taking place in the Dogger Bank, we felt compelled to protect it ourselves. context = this.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext(arguments[0], arguments[1]); A las 9 de la mañana de hoy, activistas a bordo de tres zodiacs lanzaron boyas al mar para impedir que el barco arrastrero holandés The Gorge Johannes Klazina lanzara sus redes al agua. This is only 1% of the entire Dogger Bank protected area, and it’s just the beginning. This ban will be easier to enact after Britain leaves the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy. The website is owned and published by The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity. OffscreenCanvas.prototype.getContext = function () { It is against UK and international law and is more commonly associated with distant waters fleets in far flung corners of the global ocean, far from the eyes of the general public – not so close to home in the North Sea. Dogger bank är nämligen en sandbank. This should be a job for our government, which loves to call itself a ‘global ocean champion’, but we can’t stand idly by while our most important marine areas are destroyed before our eyes. if (!arguments.length) { if (context === null) { //
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